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Important Celestial Matsuri Info

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Celestine hosts a public restaurant every Friday from 9PM-12AM EDT, located at Shirogane, Ward 5, Plot 43! We offer a relaxed and dimly lit environment with plenty of Eorzean and Hingan style! Come for a specially cooked meal, drink, or dessert! And offer custom drinks as well! Our stage is always open for open mic or scheduled performances!

Even though our bar and kitchen close after 12, anyone is free to stay and RP as long as they'd like!

Theme: -/-


  1. No weapons allowed.
    We ask that all weapons or anything that could be considered a weapon be handed over to our door steward for safe keeping. The only exception is those working security or affiliated with the Free Company and has permission to carry a weapon.
  2. Behind the bar and kitchen.
    This area is strictly off limits to those not affiliated with the Free Company, only with permission may you enter. If you are caught going in then you will be asked to leave.
  3. Additional rooms.
    Any of our additional rooms inside the house are off limits to patrons unless given permission to enter. If you are caught in any of these rooms then you will be asked to leave.
  4. No violence.
    This includes using your fists, or words. We want everyone to be treated respectfully IC and OOC, so any kind of fighting or arguing that escalates in the bar then we ask that you take it outside and off our lawn, or you will be asked to leave.
  5. Performances.
    Even though we provide an open mic, we ask that your performances be nothing that could be considered offensive or overly revealing.


Note: Prices are purely for IC, you don't actually have to pay but donations are much appreciated! Custom drinks can be ordered as well, prices vary.

On Tap:
  • Ale - Lominsan, Gridanian , Ul'dah, Ishgardian. - 300Gil
  • Cider - Faerie Apple, Rolanberry, Gridanian Honey, Ul'dah Cinnamon. - 600Gil
  • Special Reserve - Gridanian Mead. - 500Gil

  • Moogle's Heart Zinfandel - A light pink, sweet wine with a refreshing fruity flavor. - 3,000Gil
  • Cactuar Chardonnay - A dry white wine with hints of vanilla, citrus, and fruit naturally harvested from Cactuar (without harming them). - 3,000Gil
  • Black Shroud Cabernet - A dry red wine imported from the deepest part of the Twelveswood, characterized by dark fruit and tobacco notes. - 5,000Gil
  • Sake - Original, Apple, Cherry blossom, Plum. - 800Gil

Cocktail Special (Bartender's choice):
  • Blacksmith's Special - Rum and whiskey mixed with hot spiced cider. Forge ahead with three of these and you'll get hammered! - 7,000Gil
  • Heretic's Jungle Juice - Twenty year old malt whiskey, pineapple juice, and a squeeze of lime. Surely only a true heretic would spoil twenty year old malt like that! - 7,000Gil
  • Tonberries Best Friend - Midori, sour apple pucker, and absinthe. Comes with your own tiny toy knife! Hope you like Tonberries, because you're guaranteed to see them everywhere after drinking this. - 10,000Gil
  • Shiva's Winter - White rum, blue curacao, lychee juice and lemon juice. Side effect: May turn your mouth blue. If it freezes over, just let it happen. - 8,000Gil
  • Titan's Fist - Vodka, gin, white rum, triple sec, tequila, and lemon juice. One sip of this and you might as well have been punched by the Primal himself. - 9,000Gil
  • Blue Dragon - Mandarin vodka and blue curacao. The specialty drink of Khaidu Avagnar! - 5,000Gil
  • Alcoholic Cactuar Piss - Apple juice, Cactuar piss, triple sec, chartreuse liqueur, crushed Cactuar needles, one wind shard. The common misconception is that it's actual piss, but I've never seen a Cactuar piss. Have you? - 6,000Gil

  • Tea - Chamomile, Mulled, Buckwheat, Doman, Ishgardian. - 400Gil
  • Juice - Grape, Apple, Pineapple, Loquat, Orange, Rolanberry. - 500Gil
  • Hot Chocolate - 500Gil
  • Triple Cream Coffee - 500Gil


  • Walnut Bread - Sunset wheat flour, buffalo milk, table salt, smooth butter, maple sugar, and Gridanian walnut. A soft white bread filled with fragrant walnuts. - 100Gil
  • Tempura Platter - Gyr Abanian flour, gagana egg cottonseed oil, Yanxian tiger prawn, Swordtip, and lotus root. A selection of seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried in oil. - 700Gil
  • Firm Tofu - Soybeans, nigari, spring water. A traditional source of protein in the Far East, tofu is made from curdled soy bean extract. - 100Gil

  • Alligator Salad - Alligator pear, paprika, table salt, dark vinegar, olive oil, and blue cheese. A simple salad made from slices of alligator pear tossed in dark vinegar. - 300Gil
  • Parsnip Salad - Alpine parsnip, olive oil, La Noscean lettuce, cieldalaes spinach, buffalo beans, and mineral water. A salad made with fried parsnip slices and garnished with a drizzle of fragrant olive oil. - 300Gil

  • Popoto Pancakes - Dalamund popoto, mirror apple, sunset wheat flour, nutmeg, Apkallu egg, and table salt. A pancake dish made of ground Dalamud popotoes, served with puréed mirror apples. - 600Gil
  • La Noscean Toast - Walnut bread, buffalo milk, Apkallu egg, smooth butter, maple syrup, and olive oil. A slice of bread soaked in a mixture of buffalo milk and eggs, and then fried in creamy butter. - 200Gil
  • Egg Foo Young - Gagana egg, carpenter crab, kudzu root, shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, and fish stock. Succulent crab legs folded into a fluffy omelet and topped with a thick, savory sauce. - 400Gil
  • Royal Eggs - Okeanis egg, Hollandaise sauce, seema patrician, and an Ishgardian Muffin. A breakfast dish consisting of an Ishgardian muffin sliced into halves and topped with salmon, a poached egg, and a creamy yellow sauce made from butter and egg yolks. - 800Gil

  • Finger Sandwich - Apkallu egg, La Noscean lettuce, smooth butter, volcanic rock salt, and walnut bread. A small sandwich made with fresh Apkallu egg. It's not made of fingers, we promise. Though I would be cautious with your first bite. - 500Gil
  • Snurbleberry Sandwich - Snurbleberries, birch syrup, gelatin, fermented butter, and honeydew almonds. An interesting sandwich made from sweet Snurbleberries mixed with soft gelatin and crunchy almonds. - 600Gil

  • Black Truffle Risotto - Black truffle, sticky rice, cottage cheese, and wild onion. A creamy blend of rice and cheese, topped off with slices of rare, fragrant black truffle. - 900Gil
  • Chirashi-zushi - Koshu sticky rice, rice vinegar, shiitake mushroom, lotus root, Yanxian tiger prawn, and gagana egg. Sweet vinegared rice topped with thinly sliced omelet, salted fish eggs, dried gourd, and stewed mushrooms. - 1,200Gil

  • Eft Steak - Eft tail, black pepper, Garlean garlic, sour red, cider vinegar, laurel. A thick slab of gristly eft meat charred to an abyssal black. - 900Gil
  • Loaghtan Steak - Loaghtan fillet, Dravanian paprika, fermented butter, cooking sherry, Abalathian rock salt, and thyme. A tough cut of loaghtan meat soaked in a marinade of paprika, sherry, and thyme and grilled over an open flame. - 5,000Gil

  • Baked Pipira Pira - Pipira Pira, Abalathian rock salt, porcini, and fermented butter. A plump pipira pira wrapped with butter and porcini mushrooms and baked in an oven, the steam trapped in the leaf slowly cooking the fish to the perfect flakiness. - 1,000Gil
  • Crab Croquette - Gyr Abanian flour, firm tofu, gauntlet crab, mountain popoto, cyclops onion, and cottonseed oil. Rich, buttery crab legs blended with fluffy mashed vegetables, rolled into a ball, covered in bread crumbs, and fried to a crispy, golden-brown. Best served slathered in a sweet sauce. - 1,200Gil
  • Onigara-yaki - Spiny lobster, oriental soy sauce, cooking sake, and oriental miso paste. A lobster split in half lengthwise, slathered with a heavily-seasoned sauce, and grilled in its shell over an open flame. - 3,000Gil

  • Beef Stew - Sunset wheat flour, buffalo sirloin, black pepper, wild onion, sour red, and mineral water. A sumptuous stew made by slowly cooking buffalo meat in sour red wine for several hours until it falls off the bone. - 900Gil
  • Chilled Popoto Soup - La Noscean leek, popoto, sweet cream, smooth butter, table salt, and highland parsley. A refreshing soup made by blending popoto, leek, and sweet cream to a smooth consistency. - 700Gil
  • Baked Onion Soup - Cyclops Onion, Knight's bread, chicken stock, cream cheese, and volcanic rock salt. A hearty bouillon soup filled with sweet onions, covered with shredded cheese and baked in an oven until golden brown. - 600Gil
  • Miso Soup with Tofu - Oriental miso paste, fish stock, firm tofu, green leek, and spring water. A Far Eastern staple, this soup is made by mixing miso paste with light fish stock. Bite-sized cubes of tofu are added near the end of preparation to ensure the pieces retain their shape. -300Gil
  • Gameni - Hornbill tenderloin, bamboo shoot, lotus root, shiitake mushroom, Gyr Abanian carrot, and oriental soy sauce. A hodgepodge of boldly sliced tubers, mushrooms, and hornbill tenders, stewed slowly in a soy-based broth. -500Gil

  • Pasta Ortolano - Vermicelli, tomato sauce, solstice garlic, Dravanian paprika, wizard eggplant, and ramhorn zucchini. A plate of sautéed eggplant and zucchini mixed into soft pasta and drizzled with a rich tomato sauce. - 3,000Gil
  • Peperoncino - Vermicelli, solstice garlic, mature olive oil, dragon pepper, and highland parsley. Noodles tossed in mature olive oil that has been infused with solstice garlic and dragon peppers. - 3,000Gil
  • Popoto Soba - Buckwheat kernels, fish stock, oriental soy sauce, mountain popoto, gagana egg, ama nori. Buckwheat noodles steeped in savory broth and topped with a starchy paste created by grinding a raw mountain popoto. -2,000Gil

  • Frozen Spirits - Cloud banana, old world fig, and yak milk. A cool concoction made by fermenting cloud bananas and Old World figs, freezing them with ice crystals, then mashing and mixing the fruit into a slush-like consistency. - 400Gil
  • Rolanberry Cheesecake - Rolanberry cheese, sweet cream, honey lemon, and gelatin. Rich cheesecake slathered in a sticky, sweet rolanberry compote. - 1,000Gil
  • Pineapple Ponzecake - Prickly pineapple, sunset wheat flour, night milk, Apkallu egg, and maple syrup. A sickly sweet cake made from fresh pineapple. - 700Gil
  • Sachertorte - Royal kukuru bean, apricot, bubble chocolate, sweet cream, sunset wheat flour, and smooth butter. A divinely rich chocolate cake that features a fruity counterpoint by way of an apricot jam layer. - 1,500Gil
  • Apple Strudel - Golden apple, highland flour, fermented butter, birch syrup, vanilla beans, and cinnamon. A handful of chopped apples glazed with birch syrup are thinly wrapped in a warm flaky crust, topped with just a sprinkling of cinnamon. - 600Gil
  • Blood Currant Tart - Pie dough, blood currants, smooth butter, maple syrup, natron, and gelatain. A sweet and sour pastry made with a generous portion of blood currants. - 500Gil
  • Pastry Fish - Pie dough, raisins, desert saffron, table salt, almonds, and mirror apple. An apple-filled pastry shaped to resemble the legendary sunfish. - 400Gil
  • Rolanberry Shaved Ice - Mineral water, rolanberry, maple syrup, and buffalo milk. A heaping mound of the purest ice harvested from atop the mountains of Coerthas, shaved and drizzled in multi-colored rolanberry syrup. - 200Gil
  • Creme Brulee - Vanilla beans, okeanis egg, yak milk, birch syrup, and duskborne aethersand. A vanilla flavored egg custard that is drenched in a sweet syrup. The syrup is then heated with a fire crystal until creating a crisp brown shell. - 700Gil
  • Baklava - Gyr Abanian flour, gagana egg, buffalo milk, almonds, Gridanian Walnut, and honey. A traditional Near Eastern pastry made of a sweetened paste of chopped nuts and honey sandwiched between layers of thin unleavened dough. -1,300Gil
  • K'haya's Bubble Bites - Kukuru powder, Kukuru butter, maple sugar, buffalo milk, and aldgoat milk. A special chocolate bubble made with love from K'haya. 500Gil

Currently Employed

Aibertain Mestonnaux: Owner.

Aurelle Surlaint: Waitress.

Alexois Valeriant: Bartender, part time waiter.

Elawyn Winddancer: Bartender.

Sileas Bishop: Cook, part time waitress.

A'bhin Nohr: Waiter.

If you have questions feel free to leave a message here or contact Sileas Bishop or Aurelle Surlaint in game.

Want to work with us? We're always looking for extra help, feel free to contact anyone above about how to do so! (You don't need to join the Free Company to work.)
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images for the menus:-


and the short version
/say ( food menu:- drinks menu:- )
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The new menus! (Drink Menu: | Food Menu:
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