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Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn - PC - Balmung (LEGACY) (NA)

Balmung (LEGACY) (NA)

Class Requirements (Level 1+)
class Arcanist
class Archer
class Astrologian
class Bard
class Black Mage
class Conjurer
class Dark Knight
class Dragoon
class Gladiator
class Lancer
class Machinist
class Marauder
class Monk
class Ninja
class Paladin
class Pugilist
class Rogue
class Scholar
class Summoner
class Thaumaturge
class Warrior
class White Mage
class Alchemist
class Armorer
class Blacksmith
class Botanist
class Carpenter
class Culinarian
class Fisher
class Goldsmith
class Leatherworker
class Miner
class Weaver
Recruitment information
Who are we?

Celestine is first and foremost a business, we are a collection of different specialists able and willing to be hired for solo or group jobs. Whether it be a bodyguard, escort for goods, a medic, or gathering Intel. We often hire adventurers who are looking for a stable place to work or those who already excel in their crafts.

Our main base of operations is a bar owned by the company, located in the Mists (Ward 12, APT#71). Every Friday it's open to the public for some drinking and entertainment, to which we encourage any with a variety of talent to perform and earn a bit of Gil doing so. Those already hired by the company will earn an extra bonus while working these events.

What we do.

Tasks or jobs our FC can complete:
Examples include: ruins, uncharted areas, retrieving lost/valuable items, and information gathering.
Examples include: body guarding, event security, escorts, and missing persons retrieval.
Examples include: resource gathering, persons of interest, and shipment details.
Medic/Healing Services
Examples include: sick/injured, battle aid, healing teachings.
Stealth Operations
Examples include: reconnaissance, target elimination, and undercover work.
Examples include: requesting of specific items and gathering of specific items.
Examples include: dancers, singers, poets, feats of skill, and adult oriented performances.

Harassment under no circumstance is accepted.
Rude or hurtful remarks about race, gender, sexuality, religion, disabilities, or slurs pertaining to any of these things will make you subject to removal from this FC.
Be respectful and friendly to all FC members!
Help the FC be a positive and encouraging place for everyone to be apart of.
Starting drama or rumors is unacceptable.
This is meant to be as stress-free of an environment as possible. If you have an overwhelming need to do either of these things, then this probably isn't the place for you.
18+ only please.
If your birthday is within the next few months then we can let it slide, but if we find out that you're a minor it will lead to immediate termination from this FC. So please be honest when applying.
No public ERP.
Please, if you want to ERP that's totally fine, but do it in private.
Failing to show up to events or inactivity your first warning will be a "Probation" rank. If you fail to give reason for either of these things within two weeks, then you will be removed from the company.
Only main characters or very frequently played alts.
We ask that only main characters or very frequently played alts join, as we want to avoid inactivity.

How to join.

On HRP: Contact Sileas Bishop.
In-Game: Send us an application or contact Sileas Bishop, Aurelle Surlainet, Detih'to Faaye, Alexois Valeriant, or Romarique Xavalien.
On our website: Send an application!
On Discord: Contact Ocean Man#9455.
Time Schedules
18+ Only Roleplaying PvE RP-PvE voice
Apply Here
Application Form